Customised Career Support for Executives and Professionals

Are you an executive, professional or manager looking for your next role, or for meaningful career change? Then you may be discouraged by job listings and disappointed by recruiters. Recruiters work for companies to fill positions. We work for you to support your career objectives. We give you access to a proven career framework that has already helped thousands like you over 20+ years.

 Confidential Discussion.

Career change-Which career
challenges are you facing today?

  • Is your career off course and not heading in the direction you want?
  • Do you feel ‘pigeonholed’ by employers or recruiters because of your past experience, rather than the value you can add now?
  • Have you been out of the job hunting game for a number of years, and feel out of touch with current CV preparation and interview practices?
  • Are you unable to find advertised roles that appeal to you… or have you applied to jobs without any traction?
  • Have you made a few wrong career moves in the past, and now need to get back on track?
  • Are you ready to pursue a bigger career vision, but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

Challenges like these are surprisingly common at the managerial and executive level. And it’s challenges like these that we’ve been helping our clients solve since 1992.

How we help

Whereas recruiters work for employers and are driven only to fill a vacant role and move on, EPR is on your side.

We offer a customised career consulting service specifically for executives, professionals and managers. We give you access to a proven career management framework that has worked for thousands like you. And instead of a rigid, cookie-cutter approach, everything is tailored to you and your goals.

Just as you might bring in a specialist or consultant to deliver a specific result in the workplace, individuals engage EPR to help them achieve a better career outcome, faster and easier than they could on their own.

Some of our clients aren’t quite sure what their ideal career outcome looks like, and are seeking clarity. Others know exactly what they want to achieve but just don’t know “the how”. In either situation, we can help.

If you could gain sharper clarity over where you are now, where you want to be, and the keys to overcoming the obstacles that have been keeping you from getting there...would you spend an hour with us to find out how?

If so, I invite you to request a Confidential Discussion with an EPR Career Consultant.

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Confidential Discussion

  • Gain greater clarity, direction & next steps.

Please note: EPR is not a recruitment firm. Recruitment firms work for employers to fill positions. Their allegiance is to the employer, not you. EPR is Australia's first and leading career management firm. We work exclusively with executives, managers and professionals to help you achieve the career outcomes YOU want.